Feb. 22nd, 2011

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(or where I’ll be over the next few weeks)

So I’ve got the next couple of months busied up already with only a couple of plans likely to change. I’d love to see as many of you as possible, so if you can make these events please let me know so I can look forward to seeing you!

26-27 February: Mine and Una’s 6 months <3

5-6 March: A trip to the Greenwich Maritime Museum, the last week before they start charging for entry. If you want to join us, let me know.

12-13: DD should be visiting from the states and will hopefully be throwing a party in London. Very much looking forward to seeing her again.

19-20: Another American friend, this time a partner of Nomad, will be in Oxford so a gaming party is being thrown. Should be lots of fun, expecting plenty of The Shinin’

26-27: I’ll be at the March For the Alternative followed by a relaxed Sunday. There is a Pink & Black Bloc I intend to meld into. I’d love to meet up with anyone else who’s going so I’m not on my lonesome (Jess will be busy packing for her 3am flight to Amsterdam!)

2-3 April: The one weekend that is looking empty. Please feel free to offer/suggest/request lovely things to do *grin*

(Thursday) 7-10:  I’m turning 24 on the 7th. The actual day I’m having off work and am, again, open to offerings or suggestions of stuff to do, but otherwise it’s a “Gaming, Metal and Chocolate” day of personal indulgence. The Friday I finally get to see Machine Supremacy OHMYGODYES! The weekend itself is still a little up in the air but hoping to spend it mostly cuddled up with my loves.

16-17: The God Has Got His Hat On party over at Franklin’s. The parties reputation precede themselves, but I’ve yet to experience one myself. Very much looking forward to seeing a lot of people I rarely do there as well as old favourites!

23-24: The actual weekend for celebrating mine and Una’s birthday, expect lots of terrible movies and chocolate. Space will be pretty tight so we need to draw up an invite list which sucks but cramming 50 people in a small house is not half as fun as you might think!

30-1 May: National Student Pride, but whether I go or not is still in doubt, there are rumours a lot of it is NUS Card Holders only.

I really hope I get to see as many of you lovely people as I can! I was giving serious consideration to getting a job in London so I could see people in the evenings, but then I went and busied up all my week nights with stuff happening in Oxford (whoops!).

*lots and lots of hugs*

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