May. 26th, 2010 10:40 am
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Well it's a little late, sure, but this weekend is worth documenting.

On Friday I went up to Derby for a number of reasons:
1) Come out to parents as poly
2) See my old am-dram group's (know as BSP) production of Sweeny Todd
3) Go to the Big Bi Fun Day

All in all, it was A++ all round.

And here's the detail )
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So I'm told writing these things but not sending them is a good way to help deal with grievances you could never realistically air...

A Letter to the Inlaws )

TL;DR: Politely, go fuck yourselves.
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Well today wasn't very productive from a work perspective, but from a social standpoint it was brilliant. At work I ended up hitting a brick wall that nearly ended in me tearing out my hair. Still, progress was made in the closing minutes so hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Socially it was very fun. Finally got to chat with a few of the other people I met at BiCon, most importantly the two friends we shared quite a few fun experiences. We may very well be one of the worst kept secrets but I kinda like it that way. I also got chatting to [profile] rosemary_sweet and she may very well have tempted me to take [profile] miss_amaranth to Torture Gardens. If we can secure some crash space, that is (see previous post). Otherwise something for when I have money.

The inlaws were around today which meant me spending a bit longer at work to avoid them. As folk may (or may not) know, they believe we were in London during BiCon and the risk of either me or [profile] miss_amaranth getting some details wrong or confused was too high to risk. I also "accidentally" deleted the mother-in-law off Facebook. When you're 22 the last thing you want if your fiancée getting worried phonecalls from her mother about your current FB status.

That's about it really. Been very quiet today. I'm very looking forward to tomorrow and meeting all the loverly BiCon people again. Seems there might be quite a crowd going, I can count at least 8 straight off the top of my head. Perhaps [livejournal.com profile] topbit's idea of reforming BiOx isn't such a crazy one...

Now it's time for bed. Hopefully I will get the first "good nights sleep" I've had since last Wednesday.


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