Jan. 30th, 2012 12:03 pm
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Need/Want to get back into the habit of writing up at least a summary of what I’m doing with my time.

Hayley came over for the weekend, arriving Friday evening and she was on my bus home. We came home to find the internet, and indeed phone line was dead. Asked next door and same thing. Phoned up Plus.Net to sort it out. BT will apparently look at it on the 31st so clearly not a major outage. Suspicion is cable thieves. Bastards.

Since we couldn’t order any take-out, we had the closest thing to a “home” meal I’ve had in forever, scampi with mash, veg and gravy. Will definitely make that again. Since Una was away Friday night seeing Hannah, me and Hayley watched the last few episodes of Game of Thrones (which Una doesn’t like), so now we’re both psyched for Season 2!

On Saturday me and Hayley went on a charity shop run around Templar Square and Cowley road. First we went to Spoons though for a (now customary) breakfast from there. During our wanderings, Hayley got 2 plushy unicorns and some ponies, and then we struck jackpot when Hayley spotted a “party crate” (read Wooden box) edition of Apples-to-Apples for £4. Given we’d been looking at the standard edition in Gameskeeper for £30, this really is one of the best finds ever. We headed home and, after something of a saga involving left behind backpacks and cancelled trains, Una finally got home and we all enjoyed jacket potatoes and wine (well, Baileys for me, natch) in front of Jurassic Park and finished the night with Starship Troopers.

On Sunday I took the girls to Build-A-Bear for a Valentines present. They both really enjoyed themselves and there are lots of little touches I didn’t realise they did, such as putting in the heart before sowing the bears up and the birth certificate. Hayley got an adorable pink kitty she called Nymphadora and Una got a patchwork bear with a fedora hat she named Bradley. We then did a bit of browsing before heading over to O’Neils (an Irish bar Una really likes) for a nice big lunch and drinks until it was time for Hayley to head home. After walking Hayley to the station we headed home.

It was a lovely weekend and more than made up for the fact I’ve cancelled the next two weekends to get in some much needed overtime in for work.

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So this weekend was, simply, awesome!

Backstory: A few parties ago Amy, Bobz and myself discussed the idea of getting together to play video games together and with recent needs to rebuild and strengthen my social life as well as the new Pokémon release, we decided to throw the whole thing last weekend. When I found out the lovely Hayley is also into Pokémon I invited her along and conversations on Twitter brought in the delightful Lola and Dan too! The stage was set for an awesome night of nerdery, pretty girls and hilarity.

The actual weekend kicked off Friday night with Hayley arriving into Oxford and us going out for Atomic Burger. Turns out you need to book a seat there for Friday nights, unsurprising really (the place is awesome, if you’re in Oxford you should go there). So, after some gentle coaxing that it’s not really that spicy I took Hayley to Nandos instead and we had tasty chicken burgers. Side note: I forgot how good proper mash potato is! As is tradition, after Nandos we went over to G&D’s for ice cream.

When we got back to The Island we were stuffed and I learnt that Hayley is also as big a Mistie as myself so we cuddled up on the sofa for “The Magic Sword”. We also had a Pokémon battle where I got my ass handed to me.

Saturday morning we got all our stuff together and headed off to London. The journey was swift and pleasant and aside from a bit of a mix up with buying a ticket and the underground not letting us out we got to the House of Joy 2.0 for 4:30. The evening was a heady mix of Pokémon battles, geekery, cuddles and sushi (well, noodles for me but still super tasty). We all turned in for about midnight after a wonderfully fun evening.

Sunday was also a lot of fun and we came home in the middle of the afternoon, with plenty of time to have tasty Chinese at The Island in front of “Hercules And The Captive Women” and then cuddles before turning in for the night.

This morning I had to leave Hayley in Oxford as her train wasn’t until 11:30 but I pointed her in a few directions and the photos suggests she had a fun time exploring the city!

A truly excellent weekend, yes! Now I’m counting the hours down to Wednesday when Una will be coming back to The Island for my birthday…

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