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Well today wasn't very productive from a work perspective, but from a social standpoint it was brilliant. At work I ended up hitting a brick wall that nearly ended in me tearing out my hair. Still, progress was made in the closing minutes so hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Socially it was very fun. Finally got to chat with a few of the other people I met at BiCon, most importantly the two friends we shared quite a few fun experiences. We may very well be one of the worst kept secrets but I kinda like it that way. I also got chatting to [profile] rosemary_sweet and she may very well have tempted me to take [profile] miss_amaranth to Torture Gardens. If we can secure some crash space, that is (see previous post). Otherwise something for when I have money.

The inlaws were around today which meant me spending a bit longer at work to avoid them. As folk may (or may not) know, they believe we were in London during BiCon and the risk of either me or [profile] miss_amaranth getting some details wrong or confused was too high to risk. I also "accidentally" deleted the mother-in-law off Facebook. When you're 22 the last thing you want if your fiancée getting worried phonecalls from her mother about your current FB status.

That's about it really. Been very quiet today. I'm very looking forward to tomorrow and meeting all the loverly BiCon people again. Seems there might be quite a crowd going, I can count at least 8 straight off the top of my head. Perhaps [livejournal.com profile] topbit's idea of reforming BiOx isn't such a crazy one...

Now it's time for bed. Hopefully I will get the first "good nights sleep" I've had since last Wednesday.
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Hey people,

I've had a request from [livejournal.com profile] bondagewoodelf (Henri) to help identify the Astrophysicist and the Physicist from the Friday flat party. Sadly my memory is more than a little shot through so if you were one of the scientists can you please let me and Henri know?

Cheers :)
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I need to write these down before I forget:
  • Raising the profile
    • An interesting discussion on how to spread the word. After how amazing this BiCon was I'd love to help more people find out about BiCon and the amazing community at large.
  • Newcomers Welcoming
    • I don't remember much of this. The most memorable bit was Jonty's "The details of my life are inconsequential".
  • Masturbation: The Great Terror
    • Although the presentation itself wasn't that great, the discussions afterwards was absolutely fantastic.
    • The diversity throughout even the small circle I was in was amazing.
  • Fun and Games
    • An amazing little session. Was a great way to spend an hour and a bit.
    • Being told to be quiet by the group in the other room!
    • "I love your butt." "I love you, but..."
  • SM for SMers
    • Incredibly eye opening, both the main talk and afterwards
  • Carmens Guide to the Bisexual Universe
    • Not quite what I was expecting, but great to hear how bisexuality is being presented to the world at large.
  • Spanking for beginners
    • *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* "Impressive."
  • Poi-Spinning
    • *note to self* - You cannot poi spin. But at least you tried.
I think that's all of them. They were all fantatstic and I've had an idea for a workshop to run myself next year...
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I barely know where to start with the last 4 days.

I have met the most interesting, beautiful, intelligent, creative, kinky, brave, charismatic and down right incedible people. In 4 days my life has been pretty much changed. I've realised I'm not that unusual, that there's so much to learn and that things are never as simple as 2 options, even Yes/No questions!

I don't want to go into details beyond what I'll need to read when it comes to refreshing my head in a year or more. So hopefully you'll know what I'm talking about, and those who don't can just be intrigued!
  • Kitchen Parties that would make a student blush. And tea parties when I'm not in the right frame of mind for the Kitchen. And knowing it happened 3 nights on the trot.
  • Meeting our friends from Oxford. And the train ride home with the Zmobies. And being invited to join a midnight gaming session. And learning there is a rock club in Oxford.
  • Doing things we'd never thought we'd do. And loving it. And being excited to do it again. And being so happy for it.
  • A 3 hour discussion I'd barely have a 1 minute mention of in the real world. And learning so much. And feeling so reassured. And looking so forward to getting more into the topic.
  • An hour long chat about something that would never get a mention in the real world. And learning I'm not the only one. And learning how different everyones experience was. And finding out you can get coaches for that kind of thing!
  • The incredible nightlife. And feeling under-dressed in my most OTT gear. And being amazed at the outfits - not just the costumes.
  • The bravery of some people. And how much I admire them for it. And how I wish them the best of luck. And how I wonder if I'll recognise them next year!
  • Coming home. And being so glad I went. And feeling closer than ever to my girl.
So thank you, everyone. I can't wait to see you all again.


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