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FPTP is a broken system. Not because it doesn’t elect the people I want, but because it actively promotes conservatism over all other things. The problem is, liberalism has a huge amount of ground to cover. Whether it’s equal rights, ensuring people are treated fairly, guarding against corruption and monoplies or ensuring we leave a world suitable for our children, each topic is an enormous quagmire of different ideas and systems. This means the Liberal voter has at LEAST 4 parties, 2 major, to choose from (Green, Lib Dem, Labour, Socialist etc. etc.) and maybe more depending on their own choices.

Conservatism, meanwhile, has one agenda. Keep things the way they are. Ideally make them better for one group of people:  Wealthy White  British-born Males who are (publicly) Straight and Monogamous . This doesn’t lead to much in the way of policy difference. There is a change in emphasis, BNP cares about race, UKIP about where you were born, but ultimately it’s still a one-party system. Conservative. And this is why FPTP will never work for a better world and indeed works against it. The more damage the Conservatives do to promote their single agenda, the more fractured the Liberals get in how to challenge this issue.

The sick joke is that if we were a nation of Conservatives, AV would reflect this. AV doesn’t favour an ideology, only the will of at least 51% of the people. Whether that will is Liberal, Conservative or something else entirely, as long as 51% of people vote for those parties one of them would come to power.

If you vote for against AV, you’re voting for a system that favours one small subset over all others. If you’re not in that subset, you just shot yourself in the foot. Well done.

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