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There was this girl, T. She had a friend, B. B was gorgeous. I was 15 and developed a crush on her. T told me that B was into me too. This was the first time I'd ever encountered a girl who liked me back. I didn't know how to handle it so T told me to sit next to B in class and chat. Cue awkward conversations. T then gave me a very... explicit letter and said it was from B. I didn't know what to do. T said "Ask B out". So I did. Which is when B told me she had a boyfriend and didn't understand why I was hitting on her so hard because she never told T she liked me at all. T thought it was fucking hysterical.

The bizarre bit is, for the whole of the rest of her life, T was a very sweet, lovely, popular girl with good grades, good body and lots of friends. So confronting her on this was never an option.

If I had those 10 minutes, I'd spending it with T asking her what made her do it.

ION: An interesting title, not one I'd have picked though.
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"rich" when used to refer to multimedia. Every single time someone says "rich media" it makes me want to heave. The word sounds disgusting, the principle is pointless ("Our current page isn't popular, make it do more things!") and "multimedia" works just fine thank you.
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Interestingly, back in 2005 my plan was to own Little Cumbrae. The fact that it was for sale was printed in the Metro and a (somewhat optimistic) financial plan suggested that raising the required finances would have been possible by 2020.

Sadly, some yoga person has bought it already so bah to him.
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Ha! Now this is one me and [livejournal.com profile] miss_amaranth can get behind.


Is what I would be saying about 2 weeks ago. There used to be a huge divide between our LJ friends and our old friends and family from Belper. [livejournal.com profile] miss_amaranth's bisexuality, our polyamory and our preference towards the more kinky side of bedroom antics were very much LJ only things. The kink still is, naturally, but that's something we only share with people we think would like to know!

To be honest, this question creates quite a reflective impression - how things have changed so much over the last two weeks really is quite insane. I'm even slowly "introducing" my participation in the bi-scene at work, mentioning the Oxford Pride meeting and BiFest this morning was a step in the right direction. Hopefully I'll be able to stop living such a non-descript life to the guys at work!
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In short: Yes and yes.

In long:
For the poly's in the room, this answer is based on a primary/core/rock relationship, YMMV when it comes to the other relationship types

Do you think honesty is really the best policy when it comes to relationships?
Ask yourself, if you can't be honest with the person you claim to love and who loves you back, then who can you be honest with? If you're in the relationship for anything more than just a fling, then if you're not honest you'll never establish trust and without trust you'll never establish a foundation which will support the rest of the relationship.

Trust is so important as it's one of the only things that can really support a long-term relationship. When you argue, you need to trust your partner not to get nasty or do something extreme. When you are intimate, you need to trust your partner is as much in it for you as them. When you are with friends, you need to trust your partner won't cause problems within the group.

Nothing else is as versatile in it's ability as trust and if you're not honest with someone, you'll never get that trust.

Is total honesty possible, let alone desirable?
The problem with this is that the crowd who don't believe in honesty are the ones who get all finicky about this question. "Total Honesty" is not telling each other about everything you did whilst you were apart. It's about being honest about the things that matter. If you had a hard day at work because of task X, person Y and issue Z you're not being dishonest if you withhold that kind of information from your partner, provided it's not impacting on the relationship.

What you do need to be totally honest about is things that matter to you and your partner. Are you stressed because person Y is your boss and issue Z is you might be fired? Then tell your partner. If you were out one night, got far too drunk and kissed someone then tell your partner and apologise. You might have to suffer a little (that's the price for cheating), but in the long run your partner will trust you when you say nothing happened because they will know you're honest about things if they do happen.

It is completely desirable because it means you can trust your partner to always tell you if something has happened and with trust, your relationships will be much more enjoyable.
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According to Last.FM

In terms of an actual top 10 (surprisingly different):

  1. Slipknot - People = Shit

  2. Machinae Supremacy - Player One

  3. Sabaton - Union

  4. Frank Kelpacki - Hell March 2

  5. Bif Naked - Twitch

  6. Lonely Island - Space Olympics

  7. Freemasons - Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)

  8. Ludo - Lake Pontchatrain

  9. Meco - Star Wars

  10. Turisas - To Holmgard and Beyond

I'm aware there are several songs that also have a large meaning to me (namely Bif Naked - Lucky, Evanescence - Anywhere & Kimya Dawson/Adam Green - Anyone Else But You) but that list is in terms of "Desert Island Disk". Catchy, good to listen to and hit my musical tastes right on the head.

In terms of crossover from when I was younger, I'd say definitely, certainly in terms of genre. Right from the moment I got into music my taste was for dance, disco and metal. The only thing that's changed in the last 11 years (I only really got into music around 12/13) is I've developed a taste for 80's synth pop too.


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