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I had been hoping to get some overtime in last weekend, so cleared all my plans. Sadly, BT decided to play silly buggers and broke my phone line the week before so that was scuppered. Me and Una nipped into Oxford so I could pick a new wallet for Valentines (Una is getting a watch, we’re going with “stuff you’ll always have on you” this year). We came home via Cowley Road so we could have a rummage in the charity shops and Una found herself 3 more ponies, the response to spotting them being “poniesponiesponiesponies”. We came home in plenty of time to snuggle up and watch lots of Stargate and the snow starting to fall.

On Sunday we went for a walk around the two parks that separate Greater Leys from Blackbird Leys to enjoy the snow. It also seems the locals have a habit of standing in the snow smoking weed. Who knew? After our little walk we came home and planned to do chores but then we both felt quite ill so Una tried to sleep it off and I took it easy playing on my PC.

I had a job interview today which, if I get it, could be very exciting (and well paid). If I don’t, it’s no concern. It’s nice to be in that position.

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Well I just got called in the boss' office. All good though, apparently they're very happy with my progress and had no complaints. I'm finally going to lose the "Junior" prefix so that feels really nice too.

I didn't pluck up the courage to ask for a raise - was going to ask for an extra k on top - but oh well, it's not like I needed it. Besides, maybe BandTrack will become a little side-earner, it made me a fiver just by sitting on Facebook with about 50 users and the next release is going to be much better and more accessible.
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Well no wrap up last night owing to the BiCon reunion so let's see what I can remember.

Yesterday was pretty bad at work. The place was stiflingly hot so I spent more time fanning myself than I did programming. I also found a centipede in my keyboard. This office, I swear, is alive. I've had more spiders rappel down to my desktop (swiftly followed by a relocation to the bin) that I can count and the centipede incident is just an escalation. No one seemed very surprised.

Althought after work was brilliant. I had a nice surprice from [profile] miss_amaranth, which I'm pretty sure I have [livejournal.com profile] amuletts to thank for. Then after a (much needed) shower we grabbed the bus to Oxford. Arriving fashionably late we were also the 3rd and 4th people there. I never was one for fashion.

It was great to see everyone again and massive kudos to [livejournal.com profile] cheshcat for bringing the whole thing together, even if she does send me the weirdest spam emails. The best bit, I felt, was that the BiCon atmosphere was still very strong in the air. [profile] miss_amaranth kept apologising for her lack of filter as she seemed to be trying to find the half-way house between explicit and "we're in public, dear". It was cute. We also had some instant activism, with the formation of [livejournal.com profile] bicon_oxford, which is very cool. First point of discussion needs to be "when are we doing this again?"

Highlight of the evening was easily the sharing of Psycho-Ex stories. I'm still waiting on [personal profile] anarchist_nomad's story, apparently it's quite the tale. Also had a weird experience after having [profile] miss_amaranth sitting on my legs too long, getting up and promptly losing all feeling in my legs and trying to look as sober as possible as I fell down. Hopefully no one saw.

So, in short, or "TL;DR", as the cool kids say: In the space of a weekend I've gone from knowing no-one in Oxford outside of work to knowing over a dozen awesome people from all over the nearby area :D
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Well today wasn't very productive from a work perspective, but from a social standpoint it was brilliant. At work I ended up hitting a brick wall that nearly ended in me tearing out my hair. Still, progress was made in the closing minutes so hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Socially it was very fun. Finally got to chat with a few of the other people I met at BiCon, most importantly the two friends we shared quite a few fun experiences. We may very well be one of the worst kept secrets but I kinda like it that way. I also got chatting to [profile] rosemary_sweet and she may very well have tempted me to take [profile] miss_amaranth to Torture Gardens. If we can secure some crash space, that is (see previous post). Otherwise something for when I have money.

The inlaws were around today which meant me spending a bit longer at work to avoid them. As folk may (or may not) know, they believe we were in London during BiCon and the risk of either me or [profile] miss_amaranth getting some details wrong or confused was too high to risk. I also "accidentally" deleted the mother-in-law off Facebook. When you're 22 the last thing you want if your fiancée getting worried phonecalls from her mother about your current FB status.

That's about it really. Been very quiet today. I'm very looking forward to tomorrow and meeting all the loverly BiCon people again. Seems there might be quite a crowd going, I can count at least 8 straight off the top of my head. Perhaps [livejournal.com profile] topbit's idea of reforming BiOx isn't such a crazy one...

Now it's time for bed. Hopefully I will get the first "good nights sleep" I've had since last Wednesday.


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