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I had been hoping to get some overtime in last weekend, so cleared all my plans. Sadly, BT decided to play silly buggers and broke my phone line the week before so that was scuppered. Me and Una nipped into Oxford so I could pick a new wallet for Valentines (Una is getting a watch, we’re going with “stuff you’ll always have on you” this year). We came home via Cowley Road so we could have a rummage in the charity shops and Una found herself 3 more ponies, the response to spotting them being “poniesponiesponiesponies”. We came home in plenty of time to snuggle up and watch lots of Stargate and the snow starting to fall.

On Sunday we went for a walk around the two parks that separate Greater Leys from Blackbird Leys to enjoy the snow. It also seems the locals have a habit of standing in the snow smoking weed. Who knew? After our little walk we came home and planned to do chores but then we both felt quite ill so Una tried to sleep it off and I took it easy playing on my PC.

I had a job interview today which, if I get it, could be very exciting (and well paid). If I don’t, it’s no concern. It’s nice to be in that position.

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Remind to be careful what I wish for in the future.

Went to D&D (hosted by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] amuletts and DM'd by the fantastic [livejournal.com profile] feanorfinwe) in Headington, Oxford last night. After the game (about 10pm) it was a bus down to Oxford city centre and a wait at the bus station, only to find out that the country buses had all been cancelled due to snow.

A kinda creepy foreign guy was heading back to Eynsham but thankfully so was another passenger so we swapped looks of "If he is a creepy murderer at least the two of us should be able to stop him." The guy phoned his son to give us all a lift back to Eynsham. We chatted for a while outside the Randolph waiting to be picked up and despite initial impressions the guy turned out to be really quite pleasant. Thankfully his son was able to make it from Eynsham and back again so I got home around midnight.

I'm not the only one in the office today, 3 others and the boss are too. So that's not so bad.

ION: The new LostProphets album is shaping up nicely, given the singles released so far. Really looking forward to it's release - I might even (gasp!) buy it.

Also, a 1GHz processor and up to 32GB of storage? I can see why they're calling it mobile computing...


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