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So, I’m at a point in my journey where I’m seriously considering “claiming” an image for polyamory. I have never been a fan of Jim Evan’s Poly Pride flag, but the problem I’m facing is that to get a proper flag that is affordable requires pretty massive levels of investment, far beyond my current (and most likely medium future) means.

So, I’m currently debating with myself the ethics of claiming an image. The Rainbow Hearts flag first appeared, as far as I am personally aware, 2 years and last year was for sale at every pride I went to.

Many heats in rainbow colours

The Rainbow Hearts flag. Polyamorous?

I’m not aware of it having any specific meaning to another group, and all those hearts really does scream “many loves” at me. So does anyone have any thoughts on this? Or am I just over-thinking everything?

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In Oxford, away from the town centre but super easy to get to. It’s the same one Pride uses after the parade. I’m currently mulling the idea of pulling together a festival of some sort for Poly, Bi, Queer people. Not so much talky as day long display of skills, talents, barbecues and relaxing. Imagine a mix of the Big Bi Fun Day and the Poi Workshops/green spaces at BiCon and you’re probably getting close.

I’m hoping for something incredibly relaxed and informal and don’t want to put too much planning into it if no-one’s interested. As for dates, if there’s a really strong response then something at the end of August, otherwise it can wait until next summer.

Please let me know if you’d be up for this.

Much hugs to all.

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So I should probably report back on what I've been up to. France is the big one, a week long holiday in a châteaux in the Loire Valley with the House of Joy 'n' Friends. Honestly, there was so much good stuff that I don't think I'll remember even half of it. Suffice to say, second best holiday ever. (The best was when me and [profile] miss_amaranth got engaged, so it's only second on a technicality!)

Losing a few years due to the stress of surviving Parisian roads. Huge thanks to [profile] lord_don for not getting us killed, despite the French trying super hard.
Being awoken by a beautiful sounding owl at 6am and only being able to think "STFU STUPID OWL".
Waking up in a châteaux, in France. Sure beats Backdane!
Getting to meet some very lovely new people.
Getting to know some people much better.
Finding more kitties to fuss and be fussed by!
Cthulhu Chicken, Cthulhu Piggy (gribble!) and Failboat.
Purely cuddle cuddle pile.
[profile] werenerd being as awesome as always.
Tasty tasty food. Especially chocolate bread. Nom!
Lounging around in the pool, naked with many lovelies.
Losing 3 hours cuddled and (accidentally) napping with [personal profile] serina_ds.
Missing [profile] fred_wednesday, making every day feel that little bit longer.
Playing Underground.
Watching the beautiful people.
Rebooting the Castle.
A mouthful of cereal watching a naked (and very bouncy) [personal profile] emanix gather up ice and warm water.
Carrying on as normal afterwards.
Gaming with [profile] lord_don.

"Heaven is lying on a comfy mattress, in front of a fire, being stroked by 2 beautiful girls as they watch you play Pokémon."

I can't thank [profile] werenerd and [personal profile] emanix (and everyone else involved in putting the whole thing together) enough for such a wonderful holiday! And everyone who was there, thank you for making it as amazing as it was.

ION: Me and [profile] fred_wednesday are doing really nicely. We've been on a date, spent lots of time together and I'm very very glad I'm on a contract with unlimited texts *grin*

And, as I have already mentioned, I've blagged myself a new job! Awesome times! It's working for a pretty specialised company, developing a web based application in C#. They're really eager to get me started so I hope to be there from Nov 1st. It's in Summertown at the moment, with plans to move to Cowley at some point. The better pay means that, hopefully, I'll finally be able to stop watching every bloody penny (as I have been doing since I lost my job at Andrew Francis, despite being employed ever since!) which will be nice. It should also mean I have a few quid for actually treating people with. Also, as I'm going to need a bus pass anyway, doing things in Oxford has become a lot less expensive as I won't have to pay the bus fare any more! Also, as I'll be in Oxford already meeting up with friends after work can certainly be considered too!
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The weekend was lovely and Brum BiFest was brilliant. The lunch in particular was lovely, as were the people (seeing [livejournal.com profile] fly_bi_night after so long being a definite highlight). The workshops worked really well and, for saying it was a single room, the event flowed really nicely.

I'm glad the poly thing has settled well - I would be lying if I was a little worried how I'd feel with seeing the whole thing up close and personal, as it were, but all was good.

Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] anarchist_nomad*, [livejournal.com profile] bunnypip** (who it was lovely to finally meet), [livejournal.com profile] uberredfraggle*** for making it a fabby day out.

[livejournal.com profile] miss_amaranth's move to come out to her parents is something I really commend and anyone who missed her post is recommended to go offer her some supporting comments.

If anyone would like a BiFest leaflet drop me a comment and I'll send you a PDF file (or if you live in the area feel free to come grab a real one)

* Especially for the ice-cream
** Especially for really helping J with her worries about coming out
*** Especially for lovely coffee


Nov. 13th, 2009 05:28 pm
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xmakina says:
in case it wasn't painfully obvious i just want you to know i really like you, g :)
G says:
i knowy
and i like you too :)
Alex says:
*many hugs*
Grace - Sorry. says:
hehe *moar hugs back*
yay for polyness :)
Alex says:
muchly :)


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