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Well, it took a while but it seems Facebook has gotten tired of us hitting it with the Clue Bat and you can now add more than one partner! Good times, my friends. Here’s how:

  1. Go here
  2. Add as many people as you need and select “Partner” from the drop down.
  3. Things go a bit weird here. Your partners will get a request for approval but the form won’t work. They will need to go to their own Edit Profile page and add you back as a partner. This is probably a bug so hopefully this third step won’t need doing in future.
  4. Enjoy having multiple partners you sexy poly people you!

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It was going to be a Sooper Sekrit Projekt, but then I nailed it in about 3 hours.

Please can you take 10-15 minutes to try out Polyamorous Relationships and let me know what you think? Suggestions, ideas and bug reports all welcome.

I'm away the rest of today and tomorrow so hopefully I'll come back to a nice big list of things to improve, yes?
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So I'm looking to flex my malnurished PHP muscles with a new Facebook application. I can't make a "game" (something like Farmville) as my host gets very uppity about that kind of thing. I'm also not interested in making any of those god-forsaken "What X are you?" excuses. I want something really meaty to sink my teeth into. The problem is, I can't think of anything! BandTrack was a nifty idea (it provided gig info and told you what friends might want to join you, it was just very demanding for me as I had to enter in all the gig information manually!) so if anyone can think of something in a similar vein that's what I'm after.

So, anyone got any ideas?


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