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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] adjectivemarcus, Oxford BiFest is now 2 clicks away from the Guardian.

Whether this will show in a boost in traffic over the next few days, and if our host can cope with said demand, remains to be seen...
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As most of you know, I've taken the role of web-person for the Oxford Bisexual Group. To this end I've blagged myself an awesome free webhost (000webhost.com for all those who are interested in such things) who also run a forum.

As I'm not yet giving anything back to the awesome host I feel the best thing I can do is help out around the forum, answering questions and helping people with problems. However, I think I might have to stop doing this before I give myself a stress-induced heart attack. It's not that the questions are demanding or tricky, it's that the user base is so freaking... self-entitled.

I can abide a lack of understanding, especially when it comes to computers, but one thing that really angers me is when you get people who expect someone else to do it all for them, for free. I've just had a freaking briliant one.

"can you step by step teach me how to point the domain to ns01.000webhost.com"

Hmmm... no. No I can't. Your registrar can and I'm sure there's a fucking huge link saying CHANGE NAMESERVERS on his control panel as well as a tutorial on how to click a button and paste in text. If you had spent the time writing that post looking up "nameservers" on your registrar you'd have your answer.

Except it turns out he doesn't own the domain... *facedesk*


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