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Oh my goodness it’s OpenCon tomorrow. I am extremely excited by this fact! Last year went really well for me, both socially and activist-ly and I’ve got my fingers crossed for a repeat performance.

I’ve taken my customary “2 days to recover” off work so the hope is to burn the candle from both ends and enjoy as much of OpenCon as I can. I’m hoping to do a good bit of desk time, it was a great way to meet new people and chat with them about stuff and things as well as feeling helpful and useful. I’ve already put my name down for four¬†five workshops including one to discuss Polytical, which I really feel I’ve not been half as involved in over the recent months as I should have been. I’m also doing a workshop on meatspace activism, hopefully encouraging more people to come along to Pride (it’s getting a bit lonely, I must admit) or set up social groups.

My ruleset is going to be the same as BiCon: No heavy shit, have lots of fun, make new friends. It worked really well at BiCon, especially the whole leaving crappy workshops before losing a whole hour to them. Although, I wouldn’t have left any of the workshops at OpenCon last year it’s always a good policy to have.

I can’t wait, I don’t imagine I’ll get much sleep tonight I’m going to be so busy bouncing off the walls!

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