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It feels so good to be planning something big again! It’s been far too long since that happened. I had hoped to get more involved with Polyday but geography and Maxine’s understandable iron fist meant I wasn’t half as involved as I would have liked to be.

As we’ve yet to secure a venue or date, I’ve been busy setting up the online components. Because I know a lot of people have been asking for some kind of “how to run a BiFest” I’ve set up a wiki for the organisers. This will remain private (or at least we won’t be advertising it) for the duration of planning BiFest so when we’re done there should be a good repository of notes and ideas and how we implemented them for somebody else to use.

We also have the standard Twitter and FB accounts ready to go and their first message will be the venue and date once they’re secured. I’ll be sure to spam share this with all of you so retweets and sharing would be awesome.

I’ve also set up an online spreadsheet for our accounts so people can see where things are going and how much they’ve cost so they can budget for their own BiFest and also be sure nothing is going in my back pocket.

I’m really psyched for this. If I can make 2012 as good as 2010 off with my small team (a venue liaison, PR spokesperson and another general manager) I’ll be really pleased. I realise I should probably focus on one thing at a time, but my big hope is to use everything I gain running BiFest to give myself a running start to something much bigger

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