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So I think I’ve come to a conclusion (for the time being at least) at how best to do activist stuff. I read a while ago there’s two types of activism work: “Less fail” and “More awesome”. The less fail stuff I have been keeping up with, signing petitions and such, but I don’t feel I’m capable or able to make a significant enough dent on this to realistically call myself an activist. Indeed, I believe the term is a slacktivist.

However, “more awesome” is something I really think I work well with. I’ve found, consistently, that I suck majorly at long haul projects like Polytical and a number of ideas I’ve had floating for personal projects. I am by no means abandoning Polytical, but I won’t be writing or actively pushing new projects, instead rolling back to my original intention of being an admin to a site the is by poly people, for poly people.

At the moment, I’m still trying to come up with an idea for something. My initial thought is to arrange some kind of Poly in the Park for mid-summer and pull together some kind of festival but either way these are projects I’m much more suited to. So, my fellow activists and friends, please keep fighting the good fight. I will endeavour to put together things to help you recharge and re-invigorate yourselves instead.

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